Make This Holiday Extra Special

By Ashley James

December 20, 2019


Why your kids should be Santa

Now I’m not talking about the big belly, white beard, and red suit; I’m talking about the toys. Every year a child gets a new toy for Christmas and forgets all about their other ones. Instead of those toys being left at the bottom of the toy box, a less fortunate child could enjoy them.

What Should I Do?

Get together with you children and go through their toys. Have them pick out a few gently used toys that they don’t play with anymore and donate them to charity. Not only will you bring joy to a child this Christmas, but you’ll get to spend quality time with your kids while teaching them a valuable lesson to carry throughout life.

Christmas and its aftermath can be a tense time for many families in difficulty; displaced refugee families, women and children who are victims of violence, children who are terminally ill or whose families have nothing because of circumstances beyond their control. 

What Charity Should I Choose?

There are many charities to choose from. For example, Toys for Tots not only allows you to donate new unused toys, but you can also donate your gently used toys. Find the nearest toy drop off or schedule a pickup on Toys for Tots website or by clicking here. Other options include: Rescue Missions, the Salvation Army and their Brighten the Holidays campaign, and your local Goodwill. Also, don’t forget to checkout social services. Many families are in need of your help this Christmas. Choose the one that means the most to you and have a merry Christmas!

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